About Us

Who is Global Service Network (GSN)

GSN is a growing network of Christians who are expressing the good news of Jesus Christ in diverse contexts. Our mission is to empower servants of Christ to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. We are a North Carolina based not for profit, 501c3 organization.

Our Convictions

GSN holds to the core beliefs of historic Christianity which motivates our hearts for God and the world. These beliefs include the need for new life in Christ, the authority of the Scriptures, and the mission of the Church to reach and equip all people with the message of the gospel.

Our Leadership

The GSN board of directors consists of Christian leaders from academic, legal, business, church and para-church backgrounds.

Our History and Growth

Global Service Network was founded in 2007 out of a recognized need to develop structures that would serve several community based and international initiatives that were launching during that time.  Since then, Global Service Network has grown to 22 full-time and part-time staff and associates. Our growth has been mostly through relationships in our churches and para-church ministry involvement.  We work with select organizations and individuals who are aligned with our vision.

Our Work

We operate programs that share the gospel of Jesus Christ in diverse contexts. Partnering with like-minded local churches and ministries we provide human, administrative and operational support that increases the knowledge of Christ around the world.

Who We Sponsor and Serve

We serve campus ministries, local churches, cross-cultural missionaries, Christian professionals, and short-term mission teams.